social work intervention for schizophrenia

Patients with schizophrenia and their carers should expect support and have a right to be well informed about the illness.6 Supportive educational packages aim to provide structure to what may otherwise be a haphazard process and can be implemented by any trained person.7Support involves helping everyone to come to terms with a potentially stigmatising and disabling major mental illness, and practical day to day assistance with additional challenges that result from having a person with a major illness in the family… Means, standard deviations and sample sizes were obtained for previously published data and t-tests for independent samples were used to evaluate the significance of any difference between the mean scores obtained in this study and mean scores for other samples. It is commonly associated with impairments in social and occupational functioning [].It is among the most disabling and economically catastrophic medical disorders, ranked by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten illnesses contributing to the global burden of disease []. Formative work was undertaken previously to design a culturally appropriate CBR intervention for people with schizophrenia in Ethiopia. In turn, clients should be able to expect that social workers can recognise the nature of their difficulties, including mental health problems, and work collaboratively with them to resolve or ameliorate their situation (AASW, 2008, p. 49). Of the 1,277 questionnaires distributed, 387 (30.3 per cent) were returned. In the case of first-episode psychosis, there is evidence that early intervention is associated with better outcomes for the person in relation to the neurological, psychological and social impact of the illness (McGorrey, 2005). They realise she is not taking drugs because she never sees anyone or goes anywhere. In this study, 96 per cent (n = 372) of the participants reported professional contact with people who have a mental illness. Scull, A. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Kelly, B. Mean ratings of helpfulness for various possible interventions (depression vignette). One morning Jane receives a call from Susan urging her to turn on the television. Social workers are likely to encounter and assist people who have mental illnesses, whether relatively low-prevalence but highly incapacitating illnesses such as schizophrenia or relatively high-prevalence illnesses such as depression. With respect to age distribution, 35.5 per cent (n = 137) were between fifty and fifty-nine years of age; 27 per cent (n = 105) were between forty and forty-nine years of age; 17.3 per cent (n = 67) were between thirty and thirty-nine years of age; 12.2 per cent (n = 47) were over sixty years of age and 8 per cent (n = 31) were under thirty years of age. There is consensus that the treatment of schizophrenia should combine anti-psychotic medication and psychosocial interventions in order to address complex social, economic and health needs. The response rate for AASW distributed questionnaires was 31.4 per cent (n = 317) and the response rate for questionnaires distributed by the snowball sampling technique was 25.5 per cent (n = 70). The majority of participants (91.8 per cent, n = 169) correctly identified the person in this vignette as suffering from depression. It is also important to bear in mind that we have drawn inferences about knowledge and understanding from responses to a narrow set of questions about two vignettes. However, the research also suggests that social workers may have difficulties in both accurate awareness of mental health problems and in knowledge of current treatment practices. The findings of this study suggest that social workers may lack mental health literacy. The results may not be representative of the sample as a whole and, while we are not aware of any response bias factors, some caution is required in interpretation of the results. What is family intervention? Strategies for early intervention are considered essential for improving outcomes and reducing costs for … She appears distant and in her own world, and often makes references to things that just don't make sense.

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