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Okinawa red algae is combined with hyaluronic acid in the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream for an intense moisturizing effect. The one downside is that the color variety isn't stellar. This no nonsense brand offers a pared down approach to skincare. Tatcha skin care products are priced in line with department store finds. Fans of skincare kits, which take all the guesswork out of creating your own regimen, should try Advanced Dermatology. It also helps to replenish ceramides to ensure optimum skin barrier function, aiding in the reduction of future moisture loss, for skin that is visibly smooth and plump with hydration.Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream also features a blend of extracts and oils from ginseng, wild thyme, and sweet marjoram. since. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream reviews on the brand’s website are overall positive, with the product receiving an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. When trying to decide if a product works, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s skin may react differently to the same product, so a little trial and error and some research is always a good idea. It’s a cleanser, with a very rich cream consistency, that comes in a tube. Japanese beautyberry is rich in antioxidants and has the, The Tatcha Rice Polish Deep is the 4th addition to the cult favorite collection of the Tatch Rice Polishes. (FYI – this is one variation of the mystery bag, but should give you a good idea of what size products to expect) But there are a number, The Tatcha Ageless Eye Cream was designed to serve as an anti-aging eye serum and nourishing moisturizer in one product. Made with pure, kind-to-skin ingredients. The delicate ultra-fine microfiber sheet (100 times thinner than a strand of hair) delivers 20 mL of, TATCHA Ageless Revitalizing Neck Cream is an antioxidant-rich cream developed to specifically hydrate, smooth, and nourish the delicate skin on the neck and décolletage for a visibly renewed look. EXCLUDING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OWNED BY OTHERS, ALL SITE CONTENT IS COPYRIGHTED OR LICENSED FOR USE BY THE OWNER OF THIS SITE. Most reviewers said that they noticed that their skin appeared more hydrated and plump following application and those with dry skin noticed an especially dramatic difference in … Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants that help to combat free radical damage, rice provides the skin with important proteins, and algae improves skin hydration. As the story goes, Tsai also learned about classical Japanese beauty secrets passed down through generations thanks to an ancient text, which the company still uses today for inspiration and ideas. According to the company, while in Kyoto, Tsai ended up chatting with a geisha in a beauty store and asking her how she achieved her flawless looking skin. It is said to intensely hydrate and seal in moisture, helping to replenish ceramides for a healthy bounce and instant, What is Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream? Are you as into skin mists as I am? Green tea is a rich source of epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, a type of polyphenol that is widely regarded as one of the most powerful antioxidants available. serum into skin for maximum absorption and benefits. This is a place to share pictures, ideas, & thoughts! The cornerstone of Tatcha’s formulation is the Hadasei-3 Complex, a proprietary blend of Japanese anti-aging superfoods: green tea, rice and algae. Green tea acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps to protect the skin from environmental damage, while algae and rice extracts work to nourish the skin and aid in moisture retention. Obtained from Kyoto, Japan, Uji green tea is a powerful antioxidant-rich botanical that is known to help prevent signs of premature aging. Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick – The bright ride hue is inspired by a geisha’s signature lip. combination of three Japanese anti-aging superfoods: Okinawa red algae, Uji green tea, and Akita rice. The kit contains just six essential items including a daily cleanser; serum; anti-wrinkle firming treatment; night cream; day cream and an eye cream. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acb2e68754ae12d4453aedd5ffe634ec" );document.getElementById("af863b586e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); THIS SITE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR ADVICE OR TREATMENT FROM A QUALIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. These extracts help to nourish skin and brighten your complexion. One of those runaway products is Tatcha Water Cream, which debuted in 2017 and quickly became the best-selling cream at Sephora in April 2017—and sold out twice that month.... Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask is a creamy anti-aging rinse off treatment mask that is said to instantly reveal softer, smoother skin. Tatcha is one of those beauty brands that has been around for a while, but kind of took 2019 by storm. It was particularly popular among those with oily skin, and fans praised its blurring effect. I was very pleased to discover the product was definitely suitable for sensitive skin, and did not create any redness, reaction, or cause any breakouts. This rice is known as the finest rice in Japan for its superior taste and quality. It does not contain Parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, ur… Because this product is so packed with active ingredients, we recommend this product mostly to those who have used vitamin C and exfoliating acids before. July 17, 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter. Tatcha Cleansers It’s funny how with all the fads in skincare, the three products that never seem to change and form the basis of any good routine are; cleanser, serum and moisturiser I’ve been using serums for years and years (too many to you how many haha!) This is one of those sets you purchase if you’re on the brink of wanting to try a new skincare brand and just want to try everything you know? For example, one very positive Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream review says, “I have SUPER dry skin and makeup would constantly cake on and look terrible. If you’re looking for skincare products to address the signs of aging, consider Formulyst and Advanced Dermatology. The Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer has a “light-as-air” texture and provides a soft matte finish. Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2019 This is an amazing product - fabulous night cream for dry skin. Some products are also available on QVC. This sheet mask features Tatcha’s signature ingredient Hadasei-3™. Looking for smart ways to get more from life. Tatcha Skin Care Review Tatcha Enduring -The Ritual for Normal / Combination Skin Photos, Review. Tatcha products are also formulated with more common skincare all-stars such as hydrating hyaluronic acid, vitamin C to brighten the skin and moisturizing squalene. Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants that help to combat free radical damage, rice provides the skin with important proteins, and algae improves skin hydration. If you’re a beauty junkie, you probably know all about K-beauty multi-step routines which include a double cleanse, toning, essence and a serum. And thanks to Stacey, we have spoilers! Lastly, Japanese rice bran contains a high concentration of the antioxidant anthocyanin. You can even use it to prime your eyes and lips to allow makeup to last all day. In addition to Hadasei-3, Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream contains many more beneficial ingredients, including squalane, mallow flower extract, ginseng root extract, inositol, and even gold. The comprehensive line of products targets everything from wrinkles to dark spots and dry skin- as well as the delicate eye area. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist review share this post: Long gone those days when I used to wear matt finish makeup on my face and loved it. I pair it with the Tatcha Rice Polish exfoliator when I need something that goes a little deeper into my pores or when I've worn stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When the manufacturer created TATCHA One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, the basic premise was to formulate a cleanser that dissolved dirt and makeup without removing vital oils from the skin. Tatcha's solid serum is my go-to for travel, but also for those days when I don't want to take the time to do a full routine. In an interview with Allure, organization queen Marie Kondo named the Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil one of her favorite beauty products that “spark joy.”, Customers reviews can be found on Tatcha’s own website as well as on Sephora. Today, we’re going to be looking at one of, Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream is a rich, hydrating cream that is ideal for dry skin, but can be used on normal skin for those who prefer a richer texture. Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Serum – Key ingredients include Okinawa red algae, hyaluronic acid and 24-karat gold to give skin a boost. The mist is infused with 20% Hadasei-3™ Anti-Aging Complex, a, Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask is a skin-fitting sheet mask that is said to deeply deliver a healthy drink of ultra-hydrating botanical oils and extracts for a dewy glow in just one use. TATCHA One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil aims to provide a viable alternative to consumers who are conscious about such skin dryness. Allure's associate digital beauty director Sarah Kinonen reviews Tatcha's The Deep Cleanse, a gentle exfoliating cleanser formulated for combination and oily skin. These three components are fermented with saccharomyces (a type of yeast), which breaks them down into smaller molecules and enables them to be better absorbed into the skin. Oct 6, 2019 - Get the details on the new skincare sets recently released by Tatcha! But if you have normal or oily skin, this is probably not the ideal moisturizer for you. There are also many reviews that mention how this cream makes the skin feel smooth and gives the complexion a healthy glow. Due to the large particle size of silk powder, this ingredient can remain on top of the skin to give it a smooth feel and appearance by entrapping oil and minimizing the visibility of pores without clogging them. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Reviews team. In recent years, I started to appreciate glowing skin more, whether I get it from skincare or makeup products. After 30 days on Drunk Elephant and the disaster that those products left my skin, (you can read all about it in my 30 Days on Drunk Elephant: Drunk Elephant Review) I wanted to try products that would hydrate my skin and restore it to it’s former state. Komenuka is rich in inositol and gamma oryzanol, which are both antioxidants and nourishing moisturizers. Although it does hydrate it in the beginning , it is not really ideal under foundation as it does not really sit well both of them together on my face and I feel like it removes my foundation as well. EGCG targets free radicals, particularly those caused by UV-induced oxidative damage. Tatcha has certainly made waves since it debuted in 2009. We operate independently from our advertising sales team. The Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is quite possibly the most luxurious face mist I’ve ever tried . “This is the most amazing primer. Tatcha, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to review and investigate all entries and to take any and all measures it deems necessary or reasonable to ensure a fair Sweepstakes. My skin did a 180. That said, some of the best-selling Tatcha items include The Silk Canvas, The Water Cream, The Deep Cleanse, and The Essence. This primer is ideal to even out the skin, fill in the pores, has anti-aging properties and protects your skin from pollutants or any harmful chemicals which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. Another oil-absorbing ingredient in Tatcha The Satin Skin Mist is silk powder. “I don’t understand why this product is so highly rated. Tatcha The Rice Polish: Classic – Water activates the Japanese rice bran into a creamy foam to help whisk away dead skin skills. There's something particularly gentle about practicing a morning or evening skincare routine with multiple steps. My skin was also super dull but this cream leaves a really nice and natural glow so you can totally go without putting makeup on over it. Tatcha The Rice Wash Review. Tatcha's solid serum is my go-to for travel, but also for those days when I don't want to take the time to do a full routine. Alongside 20% vitamin C, this formula also 10% alpha hydroxy acids. based on ideas rooted in Japanese skin care. I saw this on QVC. luminosity. You'll be met with a milky soft texture as it dissolves off your skin, and left with a super-soft finish. TATCHA has done an excuiste job bringing us the time honored geisha skin care secrets. Simply using a stream of water will not work well, because oil and water don't mix. You can use it in a more targeted way around your eyes, or go for a full-face application. This cream features Tatcha’s signature ingredient Hadasei-3™. For example, think of when you're doing the dishes, and need to wash an oily cooking pan. Mar 29, 2019 - Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum review. Like what you see here? The Rice Enzyme Powder (in the gentle formula) is a pink powder that combines with water and foams up, creating a rich lather that’s both cleansing and exfoliating. This ingredient pairs beautifully with the base of this formula, which includes the brand’s trademark Hadasei-3 complex. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream Review I've had the oddest skin in the last few weeks. Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2019 I really don't get where people say Tatcha has an "herbal" smell. Tatcha’s skincare philosophy is a “less is more.” Rather than harsh exfoliation and daily scrubbing, Tatcha embraces a “gentle but effective” approach using traditional Japanese ingredients such as green tea, pearl, silk rice and algae. December 30, 2019 / Dry Skin, Moisturizer, Skincare Reviews, Skincare Trends. In addition to this ingredient, Japanese Wild Rose helps to give the appearance of smaller, tighter pores, while simultaneously smoothing out skin texture. The Water Cream is $68, and a bottle of the Essence is $95. a gel cleanser, but it quickly transforms into a creamy foam that is delicate enough to suit even the most sensitive skin without over-drying. 2,038 reviews. Today, the brand still holds true to many of those same principles, and create products with a unique, ‘less is more approach’.... Every once in a while, a beauty product inspires a frenzy that leads to gushing online reviews and sold out inventory. Can it effectively remove dirt and makeup without clogging pores? By enhancing their breakdown and increasing the separation of skin cells, the rate of cell turnover is increased. Uji green tea contains antioxidants that help the skin combat free radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Tatcha’s latest releases never go unnoticed, so it’s not surprising that the newly launched Tatcha The Rice Wash ($35) already accumulated nearly a thousand reviews at Sephora. Seasoned skincare pros will love how highly concentrated this product is, but it could be a bit too much for a beginner. The Ageless Revitalizing Neck Cream is one of the priciest at $110. For me, it works magic when I press it into my skin versus just rubbing. Tatcha products may not be for everyone, based on the price point or perhaps they don’t react well with your skin. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleaning Oil – This cleansing oil pulls double duty as it can be used as a cleanser and makeup remover. None of their products or ingredients are tested on animals. Since these are unique ingredients that you probably won’t find in any other skin care product, we’re going to explain each one in detail below. Several of their products have become cult favorites for bloggers, celebrities and skincare guru’s alike. When applied to the skin, Okinawa red algae enhances water retention and barrier function. November 29, 2019 by Lilli Boice. The final ingredient that makes up the Hadasei-3 Anti-Aging Complex is Japanese rice bran, also known as komenuka. I researched, shopped, and purchased this skin care system myself. In other words, everything you need to achieve your best possible looking skin. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. tea has a high concentration of antioxidants that help to combat free radical damage, rice provides the skin with important proteins, and algae improves skin hydration. A Tatcha The Water Cream review, like several other favorable reviews about this product, highlighted the advantage of applying an oil-free formula to keep skin greasing under control. Tatcha Skincare Reviews. Overall, Formulyst Super Hyaluronic Water Moisturizer can help the skin to feel softer and smoother while promoting a healthier, more youthful appearance. To keep skin plumped, hydrated and dewy looking, one of the most effective ingredients is hyaluronic acid. Tatcha is sold on its website as well as Sephora and select Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons hotels. It leaves a nice sheen behind, but if you already have oily skin, I recommend rubbing it in so as not to make your face look slick. Tatcha The Water Cream – Designed for normal to oily cream, this moisturizer helps hydrate and refine skin. The majority of their skincare items focuses on leaving skin soft and radiant with ingredients that are gentle on the skin. OTHER COMPANIES’ MARKS USED ON THIS SITE REMAIN THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. The 10% AHA that is in this product comes from 7 different fruit sources including apple, grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, hawthorn, and jujube. The main actives in the formula, Tatcha has become a huge name in the green beauty space over the last few years. This chance encounter sparked Tsai’s deep dive into the world of geishas and traditional Japanese skincare. Start your review of Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream! Though it won't remove a full face of makeup, this exfoliating gel cleanser can still do some serious work on grimey pores. It is recommended to use Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream twice daily (morning and night). Shop Tatcha's collection of luxury beauty products from Japan. There have been mass assertions among makeup enthusiasts that E.L.F. Either way you use it, your face will be left feeling soft and completely devoid of lingering grime. While the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask can be used by all skin types, it is ideal for those with dry, dull skin. The polish comes out in a fine powder, which can either be rubbed directly onto your face, or lathered between your hands to create more of a creamy foam than an exfoliating treatment. Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask features two types of vitamin C: a water-soluble vitamin C derivative (bis-glyceryl ascorbate) that absorbs quickly for an immediate glow and an oil-soluble vitamin C derivative (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) that remains in skin longer, providing antioxidant protection from UV damage for brighter, more even toned skin over time. By Lacey C. Austin, TX. A pricier option that is nonetheless going to get the job done, Tatcha’s primer includes silk powders that absorb oil and keep shine at bay. novembre 13 2020, 10:11 pm. There is one available for normal to oily skin types, normal to dry skin types, extra dry skin types and sensitive skin types. TATCHA Rice Enzyme Powder: Review. Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum review. Surfactants make it easier for oil to mix with water by reducing the tension between water molecules and lipids present in oils, thus making it easier to remove the buildup. Green tea, rice and algae all work together along with a few gentle exfoliating agents to promote natural skin turnover, brighten the skin, detoxify pores and even out skin tone. The Tatcha Special Edition Luxury Obento Set for Holiday 2019 got you! Okinawa red algae is rich in natural polysaccharides, which are sugar molecules that can absorb a high amount of moisture. I'm guessing no one who's used this ever used real … If you’re looking for a moisturizer that’s lightweight but still hydrates well, we recommend Formulyst’s Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer. Monday, September 9, 2019. This unique powder contains a significant amount of rice powder, and a formula that was designed to exfoliate without damaging the surface of the skin. of aspects that make this product incredibly unique in the world of exfoliators. this product offers something different from your average vitamin C serum. Lastly, Tatcha The Satin Skin Mist includes Japanese wild rose (Rosa multiflora) fruit extract, which visibly minimizes the appearance of pores and refines skin texture over time. These three components are fermented with saccharomyces (a type of yeast), which breaks them down into smaller molecules and enables them to be better absorbed into the skin. One reviewer said “LOVE THIS STUFF. The prices range from $60 to $330. The Dewy Skin Cream features Tatcha’s signature ingredient Hadasei-3™. The Rice Polish is available in Deep, Gentle and Calming formulas. A blend of lightweight rice germ oil, derived from the most nutrient-rich portion of rice packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, is also used in the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask. Made from a base of finely ground rice bran, this foaming enzyme powder is the only exfoliator I use anymore. Reviews, Skincare 101 / November 12, 2019. Review: Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum by beautybee. The crystalline structure of silk powder reflects light away from the face, and the natural glossy property of silk is what gives skin a glowing appearance. This cloud-like foam gentle cleanses and exfoliates without stripping the skin or disrupting the skin barrier. What I also love about it is that it has a blurring effect unlike other silicone primers and helps lessen the look of my under-eye hollows.” Customers who didn’t like the product complained that it didn’t do much for their complexion. When Tsai adopted a Japanese approach to skincare, her complexion cleared up and the idea for Tatcha was born. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream is a rich facial cream that is ideal for dry skin, but can be used on normal skin for those who prefer a richer texture. Callicarpa japonica, commonly known as Japanese beautyberry, is a glossy purple superfruit found in the TATCHA Violet-C Radiance Mask. There wasn't anything I did that made it so. I'll be honest — what appeals to me about Tatcha has never had to do with the company's backstory or its celeb-favorite status. All together, this product would be a great option for those of you who are looking for an exfoliant that is suitable for oily skin types, but isn’t too aggressive or abrasive on the skin. The Beauty Bloss Home; Beauty Favourites; About; Shop My Instagram; beautybloss March 23, 2019 Skincare. Disadvantages of Tatcha The Water Cream . The products are pricey, but they feature luxury ingredients that most customers of the brand love despite the extra cost. You can check the brand’s website to find a store near you that sells Tatcha Skin Care products. I started using this dewy skin cream and my face never looked better. Cloudberry extract and vitamins A, C and E work to replenish and revitalize the skin, while snow algae extract helps support cells’ natural resilience against environmental damage. The papaya enzymes and rice bran help to lift and remove dirt, makeup, and dry skin cells to create a clean and pure canvas. The formula itself is meant to treat and improve dry and dull undereye skin over time, and though I can't say I find it's made a difference in the appearance of my circles, I can say that it keeps my skin hydrated when it's on and blends well as an illuminating concealer. Determining which Tatcha products are the “best” is very subjective and personal, as one person’s miracle product could do absolutely nothing for someone else. Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask. It's as hydrating as a buttery moisturizer, so I'll wash my face and just swipe this all over, not even bothering to rub it in before I get in bed at night or leave in the morning. for a healthy bounce and instant luminosity. This unique and innovative formula has been customized and formulated to now suit 4 different skin types, including normal, combo/oily, dry and sensitive skin types. Squeeze out the tiniest amount (like half a pinky nail) and add water to get a fluffy emulsion with lather as soft as a pony’s nose. These three components are fermented with saccharomyces (a type of yeast), which breaks them down into smaller molecules and enables them to be better absorbed into the skin. Founder Victoria Tsai, a graduate of Harvard Business School, founded Tatcha on the principals and traditions from a 200-year old beauty manuscript on the beauty routines of geisha in Japan. I use this, along with an SPF-laden BB cream for what I'd consider medium coverage through the day. It seems to work well for those with very dry skin, and some reviews even say that it helps with eczema. Their Holiday 2019 collection includes their best selling skincare products that cater to everything from Dullness and Uneven Texture to Dryness, Fine Lines, and Wrinkles. Today I’m back with a Tatcha Review! After all, skin dryness doesn't simply cause discomfort and skin flaking; it has a profound effect on how quickly the skin ages. Tatcha has certainly made waves since it debuted in 2009. The serum leaves skin looking lighter, brighter and more luminous. Just a really terrific product.”, There’s quite a mix of negative Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream reviews, with some customers experiencing acne breakouts after using this product and others saying that it feels greasy and oily on their skin. 35 reviews. The problem is that I also want soft skin, and Tatcha’s new Soft Cream Cleanser lets me have both. Learn more. Tatcha Exfoliators February 17, 2019. There are also reviews that mention the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream doesn’t work well underneath makeup. Tatcha Violet C Skin Brightening Serum – Packed with two types of vitamin C and the antioxidant Japanese beautyberry, this serum works to brighten skin and improve its texture with AHAs. Home » Product Reviews » The Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is quite possibly the most luxurious face mist I’ve ever tried. It occurs naturally in the body (including eyeballs and skin), and it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Both have excellent absorption properties, which means they can absorb excess oil from the pores and help to reduce shine. I use less than a pea sized amount and it takes care of my entire face. March 29, 2019 Paris B 10 Comments. Questions? It is a vital source of vitamins A, B2, B12 and E, as well as naturally moisturizing proteins. Its not sticky and doesn’t have a strong scent at all. In this review, we’ll discuss the key ingredients found in this cream, how to use it, Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream reviews from real customers, an alternative for you to consider, and more. Account active This natural algae also provides beneficial nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, and nearly all essential vitamins. This product may start as, Tatcha The Satin Skin Mist is an oil-free, liquid powder face mist that is said to help keep skin fresh without disturbing makeup or drying, as well as visibly minimize the appearance of pores and refine skin texture over time. is very similar and contains almost all of the same actives, there have been a number of additions with each new product to help cater to certain skin types. Leopard lily on the other hand, minimizes excess oil and sebum production which can be a great help to those with oily skin types in particular. The formula is thick and creamy, but comfortable enough to wear even on hot, sweaty days. Tatcha Moisturizers In order to isolate the essential actives from Uji green tea without the use of heat or chemicals, Tatcha uses a patented sonic-extraction process. There are many positive reviews that comment on how well the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream hydrates the skin all day long. What was once normal/combination, perhaps even a tad oily in the summer months, became bone dry especially around my mouth. The Deep Cleanse is $38, the Violet-C Radiance mask is $68 and the Silken Pore Protection Sunscreen is $65. I will cut to the chase: This moisturizer is truly better than others I’ve tried. We highlight products and services you might find interesting. For example, one reviewer says, “I purchased this a few weeks ago hoping it will help hydrate my dry face. The other unique factor to consider with this product is that it is actually a powder that transforms into a gentle foam while combined with water. Formulyst’s Luminous Skin Serum tackles skin discoloration thanks to Triple Brightening Technology, a powerful blend of naturally derived alpha arbutin (derived from the bearberry plant), rumex extract (a plant that helps stop the production of melanin) and a biomimetic peptide. While the base of each product, The Tatcha The Deep Cleanse was designed to serve as an effective, oil-free gel cleanser that lifts away dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. It has a soft focus to it and I use less concealer with the product as it creates a barrier of sorts. It is said to intensely hydrate and seal in moisture, helping to replenish ceramides for a. ability to stabilize and maximize the effectiveness of vitamin C. This mask also features kaolin, a natural clay with absorbent properties.

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