cta bridging course

Full-time CTA Accounting degrees with a degree class of at least 2.2 or equivalent An average mark of at least 60% in financial accounting in the final year of University. The College of Accounting Sciences also offers a bridging diploma (Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences [98320 – Stream 1 / CTA]) for candidates who have not completed a SAICA-endorsed BCom degree, who wish to enter the CTA programme. Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences: 98230-CTA), we now have a special programme for that: see ADAS Programme. Core Mathematics or Physical Science from Grade 10 level). Bridging courses are short intensive courses designed for high school students who want to go to university. Some Bridging Courses need to be completed before starting the actual course. A successfully completed accountancy bridging programme (Professional Certificate in Accountancy (PCA) and completed all 4 major subjects, with an average of 55% or more, in the year immediately preceding the year in which they are admitted into the PGDip (Accounting). public practice (auditing firms), corporate environment (work for a company), public sector (work for the government), your own business or in academia. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences: 98225). Skill your way to the world’s number one tax credential: the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation. ICAZ/SAICA accredited CTA bridging course for those who have non-accounting degrees. The CTA … BCTA-Bridging-Certificate-in-the-Theory-of-Accounting Home Faculties College of Business and Economics School of Accounting Department of Accountancy BCTA (Bridging … Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences: 98231) and CTA Level 2 (i.e. ± ICAZ/SAICA accredited CTA bridging course for those who have non-accounting degrees. There are many options, e.g. Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (CTA) Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (CTA) The first and ONLY fully ONLINE SAICA-accredited CTA (Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting), represents a new way of qualifying as a CA(SA) with a focus on guidance, support, flexibility and interaction. Written, presented and assessed by practising tax experts, topics are relevant and immediately applicable. JP Bridging Course 2 18,19,25 & 26 Jun 2020 (am) Tuition Stage 1 - Early 2 21 - 22 May 2020 30 - 31 Jul 2020 10 - 11 Aug 2020 10 - 11 Aug 2020 3 - 4 Aug 2020 30 - 31 Jul 2020 3 - 4 Aug 2020 10 - 11 Aug 2020 3 - 4 Aug 2020 6,9,13,16,20 & 23 Jul 2020 They are designed for students who are not confident with their preparation for university study, who do not have the right subjects for the course that they want to study, or who need to catch up on a few years of schooling. Important: Due to the ever-evolving nature of COVID-19, all Face to Face lectures have been replaced with online lectures. IMPORTANT NOTE: A UNIVERSITY BRIDGING course does NOT teach you a subject from the start (eg. University of South Africa Bridging Courses Where to do Bridging Courses. We cover CTA Level 1 (i.e. Please note: If you’re doing the bridging course for CTA (i.e. Bridging programme Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences (Qualification Code = 98230) If you do not have a SAICA accredited undergraduate degree or your degree is older than 3 years you need to complete the Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences before you will be allowed to register for CTA … Career opportunities CA is an exceptionally diverse and dynamic qualification, with several career opportunities.

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