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So different I now like a another brand better. The new HoHos are so sugary that I couldn’t enjoy them. There seemed to be some cosmetic differences, but was most remarkable was the filling. I miss going to the thrift stores and stocking up on those blackberry pies. I began eating the Donettes on such a regular basis that I'd buy a weeks supply at a time. - I’ve gotta tell you they were one of the great American foods that was a part of my life, and now it’s gone! I bought hostess powdered sugar mini donettes- edible, but not as good as before. The Hostess Apple pies were the only thing I was looking forward to coming back when I heard Hostess was being resurrected. We never put a thin sugar glaze on them, and they were not as firm like cardboard as the manufactured ones, but they were melt in your mouth flavorful and a handful. I waited over a year to try them, as I didn’t want to tarnish my fond memory of my favorite snacks. Wow. So disappointed I am making my own cherry pies from scratch. The lemon is fairly good. . I think I know who is managing the kitchen. I decided to load up on the best four I could find and headed home. Knowing how I loved the old Hostess pies, my wife bought me a new apple one. Layne I agree! This very morning the stars aligned and the Gods looked upon us, for I found a section filled with newly delivered Hostess products including the infamous apple pies! I thought I was the only one who ate these pies. Shop Target for The Worthy Crumb Donuts & Pastries you will love at great low prices. My favorite (before the change): One 32oz “Big Gulp” of Mountain Dew and one Hostess Apple Fruit Pie. I saw the Zingers on the shelf and they are half the size they used to be. Holy cocoa covered dry sponge. THAT was NOT a Ding Dong. omg -I thought maybe I just got a couple stale pies! Maybe younger people that had never tried them before? I would like to share my opinion about the Zingers though. They suck everywhere. I, like thousands of others, began looking for alternatives. With the news that Hostess is probably going to be back Summer of 2013, I’ve been digging into my Hostess supplies a little more regularly. You see, I love real apple pie and had always liked the fried cherry pies. Hostess Donettes come in several flavors, including chocolate, crumb, and strawberry, but the one most people turn to, and the one I grew up on (they were called “Gems” back then), is coated with a thick layer of … The pies in my local grocery store have been coming in totally smashed. Its because the evil bastards at Hostess abused the bankruptcy process to get rid of their longtime union employees – and any obligations they had to them in the way of pensions and benefits – and then “reopened” using products made of God knows what, made by God knows who…I wouldn’t pay them `10 cents for a truckload of that crap…. I know I’m pretty awful at writing this right now, grammar wise, but I really just am so overjoyed to be reading all of this. I loved Hostess Products once upon a time ! I have loved all Hostess products since childhood, but my favorite was always the fruit pie. If I happen to buy a Hostess donut product again, it will be one of the other favors. Yeah, that addiction happened to me late in life, during the 80’s. As for the pies, the one hard crust I wrote about earlier must have been a fluke as I can only find the soft crusts. Tasty little muffins sized perfectly for your lunchbox, snack or on the go. Like someone said already, these new products taste like no name cheapo brands. Damn. Cookies help to provide a more personalized experience and relevant advertising for you, and web analytics for us. After spitting it out, I cut it in half to find the filling. since i had moved down south i thought maybe its a regional thing and hostess wasnt in my region, but then boom the third years cravings hit my like a rock when i was scrolling thru the isles of a supermarket and tere they were calling my name. They had just released the chocolate cake variety right before they went belly up. We ate going to start making our own including chocolate and pecan. You can get great fry pies in amish areas. Instead of a syrupy mixture of cherries, or apples, it’s now just a “gel”,, they doubled the shelf life, but were all still on 50 cent clearance at my local Kroger. I probably won’t bother now. That is until Hostess decided it was time to close up shop and go out of business. .try the 7-11 branded ones that they stock. My early favorite was the cherry pie. they were always FRESH and delicious. No company could hold a candle to the waxy feel of the chocolate covering my frosted Hostess and Dolly Madison Gems. A few of the things I had latched onto were a smattering of Hostess products. im not a rep or have anything to do with these guys but I am an eater no=) the pies name was JJ’s bakery blackberry pie. Sad, another American icon is gone and it left a bad taste in his mind & mouth! I guarantee that this company will go under a lot sooner than Original Hostess did. I buy a box and my “still very much a junk food” awful taste is only exceeded by an awful after taste. Very tasty, large and a boatload of fillings, all home made. THe cupcakes and suzy qs haven’t been as …”chocalety” now they just tast like an off sweetness. And I had forgotten this until just now, but the new ones are less firm. Tried the frosted donettes tonight and same thing… just tasted like waxy cheap chocolate. I spit it out. I had to think about your remark about my choices shrinking…I think I have more to choose from, but, for sure, little by little, the familiar ones disappear. Follow the exploits of a Cartoonist, Photographer, Writer, Artist, Speaker, Designer, Entrepreneur, Apple Geek, Radio Host, Blogger, Social Media Guru, Goonie, Actor, Hubby & Dad. The Twinkies are just not the same, and they are not as moist and tasty. - The new Hostess pies are horribly dried out with spackle like filling and mummified crust that falls to crumbs at a glance. Whether you love cinnamon or just a quick fix to go with your morning cup, these are one of the strongest baby cakes you can buy. That’s why the crust gets so dry, IMHO. I decided to risk a fruit pie today that I have walked by countless times on the shelf, only not trying because I thought it was a cheap alternative. They actually have two versions. I purchased a Mrs. Baird's apple pie. Bah humbug. They come in Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Peach, Chocolate, and Berry. (I had a random memory today — sparked by reminiscing about microwave burritos and the super cheap ones I ate as a kid — of pies from my childhood in the 80s. I will never buy another hostess product again, the product that made them an american icon is now a fake relic of a much much better time.. I’ve had many of the Hostess flavours, and berry was my favourite for most of my life, but truth be told, I could or can get a better berry pie from just about any bakery than what I’ve ever tasted in one of those little pies. My wife ate the cherry ones. And now, being hooked on Mrs. Baird’s white bread, can’t find them here in Moore/So. Hostess new items are not even up to the low standards of interstate brands a company I believe they merged with, absolute garbage products. The donuts look soft and glisten with a locked in moisture that is a great sign for $2 grocery ‘nuts. The ones being sold today are made by Hostess! I found some new Hostess Apple Pies that were pretty close to the original a couple of weeks ago, but then I couldn’t find any for a long time after checking 20+ stores. Will definitely not be buying another. This new food philosophy has worked out well for my diet because it keeps my calories in check week after week and I don't have to worry about monitoring my weight that closely. These have the solid crust, sugar coated, like the old days. I would try Mrs. Baird, but I don’t know of a place around here that sells them. I don’t know what the heck’s going on with the new Hostess line. I used to love the crust because it was firm. main content. Mrs. Bairds chocolate covered donuts are much closer to the original Hostess than the new Hostess is. What are they smokin’?? They come in a box now, but the pie crust is thick and crumbles and there is hardly any filling inside. I agree, the taste is not the same as old Hostess products. After further dissection, I found a dime sized blob nearly adhered to the opposite side. My mother bought a few Hostess cherry pies and gave me one of them. I am going to miss them. Worst come back ever. Very nondescript flavor — not horrible but not like it used to be. I used to be over the moon for these things but now they’re awful! One had my love of chocolate donuts and the other was cosmically connected to the apple pie. So, even a fried pie that in the past would be on the shelf for a few days, is on the shelf for a week or two. It was way, way too sweet and had a very noticeable aftertaste. It was terrible. The Cupcakes were awful. I rarely buy them any more. I bought cherry and it was awful! 250 calories. This is what remained after I tried to swallow a few more bites. Luckily there are a few competing products that are much closer to the original. When Hostess went under, I was afraid all was lost…as far vanilla zingers and Orange cupcakes were concerned. So when I tried it the other night, I attributed it’s dismal taste to the fact that is was the lemon flavor–which I’d not tried before.. Well, I opened my apple one tonight, I took a couple of bites and threw it away. The Golden Hostess Yeast shell filled with fluffy vanilla-marshmallow cream, covered with chocolate fudge and adorned with a hostess swirl. Now they’re back and taste like crap! I was wrong. A shame they are no longer available at ANY of my several different supermarkets here in metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts. I think I’ve seen those. Whoever claims there’s not much difference has to be brain injured. Only apple & cherry so I bought a couple of each. I've found my beloved chocolate Donettes here and there but not in a steady enough supply that I think I'll ever get hooked again. It’s sad when people exaggerate THIS much. I am six years late, but Franz pies are amazing. Now my dreams and hopes were shattered. Yes! Sacrifice longevity for quality. but theres no amount of money to make me enjoy these new pies. Now, I was always a Drake’s cherry pie man myself, That said, I could make due with the Hostess. I’d rather have fond memories of a sweet treat gone forever than a ridiculous Easy Bake Oven imitation. They are called Cutie Pies and they are miniature pies in the old paper package not a box. Baird’s!!! Don’t they realize that I’d pay more for a good product? I wanted my kids to try them just for fun one day. I hope each of you fried pie lovers will each find your own substitute and have happy memories of apple pies gone by. I remember the very first time I ate one. I opted for the chocolate instead and was not impressed…they remind me of the cheap 8 pack that are out there from companies you have never heard of. The lighter the color the more you should avoid them. Sadly Hostess was run very well. I did, because I wanted to make sure before I shattered her dream come true. There was always a shortage of these great tasting fried pies. This was a flat looking object with a gnarley brown crust, not the firm golden crust it once had, dribbled with a light coating of sugar. Not wasting any more money. - TastyKake. Someone must still be buying their product since they are still in business. What happened to the fruit in the fruit pies? Squash (finely shredded) ½ cup coconut (shredded) Extra shredded coconut (for rolling) Sprinkle of olive oil. All three. I did the ‘feel’ test in the store, noticing the change in the previously thick wax paper and previously thick pie crust. They should NOT put Hostess on that label. This ultimately led to melted donuts, donuts stuck together and donuts with the frosting stuck to the bag rather than the donut. Since they’ve gone to the boxes the pies have gotten softer just like all of the other pies on the market. Yucky. Make the crumb topping: Mix the brown sugar, granulated sugar, and cinnamon together in a medium … Hostess….you were better off dead. I actually spit it out into the garbage. Spray donut pan with non-stick spray. Please stop accusing people of being Hostess shills just because they disagree with you, I have no connection to Hostess or it’s new parent company. The only thing up to par is the cupcakes (orange) is the best, but seemilngly harder to find than the more popular chocolate. 1. twinkies, post bankrupty resurrection I took two bites and trashed teh rest She squealed and her eyes lit up. It’s hard for me to find soft bread any more! It’s such a bummer. I came to the Web to see if anybody else felt that the NEW Hostess were bad as well. I have been waiting for over a year for the new hostess pies to come out. Hostess products are absolute garbage. Die another day. I tried the chcoclate cupcakes and was very disappointed. A very good version of the cherry and apple pie I don’t know who makes the pies for 7 Eleven, but they are fantastic, and if not identical to the old Hostess apple pies, they are close as anyone has got. The recipes that built generations of loyal customers were apparently meaningless in the name of profit. Hostess Donettes come in several flavors, including chocolate, crumb, and strawberry, but the one most people turn to, and the one I grew up on (they were called “Gems” back then), is coated with a thick layer of … I’ll try to find some. You know there are several things that are the same. I agree Dave, makes you wonder who’s manning the kitchen. That was my favorite part to eat first, the excess frosting…now there’s none. Blecch! maybe…) Any hoo, the lemon was a thick light lemony colored curd that had just the right tangy delight and creamy texture. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. I tried the cherry pie again. What were they thinking? Additionally, I’ve tried some of the other “new” versions of drakes and hostess products, and they’re also good. As long as a pie had that bloat I knew it was the perfect specimen. this was not the pie or the company that i trusted all thru my childhood. Good thing she didn’t try them. There was no need to purchase them if they were going to change everything. ( Log Out /  I watched as my daughter took a bite and all of the tingle left her eye. I found your article on a lark after they’d reopened, and it made me want one again. For some reason I was drawn to try this variety of apple pie. I loved it all and even before the Original Hostess left the scene, I often lamented the loss of many of my favorite flavors that became available only regionally or disappeared altogether (miss you blueberry!). I’d get one out the next day and it would thaw as I ate it (weird? Who did the taste tests that cleared these to be sold …I go to the store and stare at them and cry. Sure miss the good ole’ days!!!! orginal chocos were nothing like twinkies, i would chill them and crack teh chocoalte off first Disgusting! anyhow i encountered my seasonal fruit pie cravings and couldnt seem to find any. But I do not like the Hostess of today, since their comeback every product that is disguised as the sweetest come back ever does not taste the same as the “Original Hostess Snack Cakes” …I have been very disappointed in every purchase I have made which includes TWINKIES, DING DONGS, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES, HO-HO’S , FRIED PIES & ZINGERS….each of these products are much smaller in size and the taste is awful ! If it’s almost a month until the expiration date, you’re probably good. REALLY? I tried the new Hostess a year or so back when the new owners relaesed the NEW products. opening the package something didnt look right. I remember as a teenager, growing up on the farm, would stop at the little country store and purchase a cup cake or one on the other Hostess products, grab a good cold soda and have a glorious breakfast! I've reached fifty years old and my selection of foods has become smaller and smaller as I hone in my favorite things and stick with them. I have decide to drop Hostess from my shopping list permanently. Hostess Caramel Crunch Mini Donettes. We used to buy chocolate donettes and the fruit pies ALOT. To learn more, and to see a full list of cookies we use, check out our COOKIE POLICY (baked goods not included). Nothing like I remember. There’s no way on this earth you could have had a the pies before and say the current ones are even close in quality. After reading your post, I can pretty much bet that the others I bought will be just as disappointing and disgusting as the first. If I knew who those profit whore bastards were I’d burn their houses down. Pink foam, yuck! It was thick and hard! hostess was the brand of trust in my opinion. Obviously it was divine intervention because I immediately fell in love with the new found apple pies. When I really need a goody fix my wife and I drive out to Dairy Queen out on I-35 , then we get fried pied on the other side of 35. it makes me sick to spend money on a misrepresented product and have to throw it away due to very poor quality …Whoever this company is that is pretending to be Hostess should change their name because they will NEVER be able to compete with the HOSTESS we all once knew….I will not spend another penny on this very bad product ! They crunched the numbers and found a way to squeeze out a little more profit. After waiting in anticipation for the new Hostess products, I’ve tried the Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Cupcakes, and chocolate Donettes. I confess that I was a Hostess Lemon Pie junkie for decades. There was a pool room there that would let me come in with my dad. bring back the priginal pies. The Donuts on the Hostess menu with the highest amount of sodium are Crumb Donuts ( mg), Plain Donuts ( mg) and Donettes Frosted Mini Donuts ( mg). I’m sure that helps. Then they came back out…I was overjoyed, but hesitant, as I could SEE the difference as they sat on the shelf. But if they are anything like the other “new” Hostess products I’ve tried then I totally understand your disappointment. I have been dying to find a Hostess cherry fruit pie, cause I remember how much I loved them years ago. All of the local retailers began carrying inferior products and I was at my wits end. The glazing is wrong, too. I guess they don’t go to the store much as Little Debbie is a big seller. I was at Wal-Mart the other day AND there they were: a display of Hostess products with my beloved Apple Pies on top. I know Phil!! Also I’ve seen a couple of times where the packaging was covered in mold, which happens because they aren’t fresh. and dunkin donuts don’t count, they went teh way of hostess long long ago. It was obvious when I opened the package that these are NOT the same Hostess pies. You are right, about the nostalgic eats vanishing. People won’t buy them. I even recorded a hate video on my youtube when I read that. Nonetheless, I bought an apple and a lemon one. Yesterday, I noticed some Hostess Peach Pies on the Walmart shelf. I threw mine away also. The cupcakes, both Orange and chocolate, are lumpy, disgusting, dry crap. pre bankruptcy drakes was my replacement as the changes made by hostess actually improved them in my tastes at least. I still wanted to throw my 2cents in. The Hostess fruit pies were basically fried pies with a golden crust and a combination of real fruit and goop inside. The filling is moist and gooey, the crust soft and slightly doughy and the glaze is fresher feeling with more translucency. Calorie breakdown: 38% fat, 59% carbs, 4% protein. While slightly sweeter, they were very close to original. The only product of theirs I liked and would enjoy as a guilty pleasure was the mini donuts (white). The apple pies of old were firm and had a perfect bloat right in the middle. Now they only contain thin gel. I now wish they would hurry up with those Suzy Qs! I can’t figure out who’s buying and eating them? As I arrived home I was met by my crumb cruncher that had been asking when we would be able to find her a Hostess apple pie. My old boss and I are gigantic nerds who grew up reading comic books, so we decided that our day-long trip to recover some HAM gear from the top of a small local mountain would be fueled entirely by milk jugs full of tap water and a grocery sack filled with Spider-Man-and-Captain-America-endorsed delicious Hostess fruit pies. But no more Hostess for me. A crunchy topping and glaze makes these Cinnamon Crumble Donuts a delicious breakfast choice. Will not buy again. ... APPLE CRUMBLE Yeast shell donut sliced in the middle dipped in vanilla glaze filled with chopped apple topped with coffeecake crumb, whipped cream . As I was perusing the grocery store to stockpile more cinna-goodies my body came to a jolting stop right after passing the cinnamon swirl bread and into the snack cakes…Cinnamon Sugar Crunch Donettes. Even checked the date. Boy! The donust are literally midgets and the prices are just beyond reality. The first indication that this might not turn out well was when I picked up the pies. I watched Charlie Brown xmas with my daughters. This brings us to today, Sunday, September 1. They taste like the old hostess pies!!! The new versions have less than half the calories (due to smaller size), but are NOT the dried out husks the full sized versions have become. Once ready to bake, brush tops with a little extra cream.

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